Prison Security Solutions

Perimeter Security: Electronic fences, Reinforced walls, barricades, fixed and mobile observation systems, patrol vehicles and intrusion detection systems.

Prison Buildings: Engineering, Architectural, and construction expertise for new and existing prison facilities including all types of buildings, inmate cells and recreational areas.

Access Control: Identity cards and intrusion detection devices, explosives, detection devices for metals, drugs and chemicals, personnel and vehicle scanners.

Surveillance and Monitoring:  CCTV cameras, telephony monitoring and cell phone jamming.

Sensors and Devices: Fire alarms, panic buttons, noise detectors and real-time RFID inmate tracking and inmate presence control devices.

Prison Security Solutions

Challenges in Prison Security Solutions

    • Monitoring and tracking inmates.
    • Detecting Illegal activities
    • Isolating and controlling violent incidents.
    • Preventing intrusion to secure areas

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