Water Jet Disruptor

The Water Jet Disruptor, specifically the ABL 2000, is a versatile and recoilless device designed for the purpose of rendering safe improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that are often found in containers like briefcases or similarly sized packages. The ABL 2000 Water Jet Disruptor has undergone a rigorous series of formal tests to validate its performance against representative targets, sensitive explosives, and pressure measuring systems. This testing ensures that the disruptor delivers reliable and consistent results while maintaining complete recoilless operation. This approach minimizes collateral damage and prioritizes operator safety during its usage.

Recent advancements have further elevated the capabilities of the ABL 2000. By simply substituting the front barrel assembly and utilizing the appropriate projectile, the ABL 2000 can function as a Stand Back Attack (SBA) disruptor or a De-Amer capable of firing various solid projectiles such as chisels, slugs, and forks. This adaptability offers existing users of the ABL 2000 a cost-effective means to upgrade their equipment’s capabilities. Additional enhancements are also available, including laser aiming systems for operations in SBA mode and easily refillable bottles for SBA projectile fluid.

The ammunition utilized by the ABL 2000 comprises bespoke cartridges, each of which undergoes ballistic testing to ensure consistent and correct performance. These cartridges are packaged in batches of 18, housed within an M2A1 container that includes all necessary internal components and consumable parts.

Kapri Corp plays a pivotal role as a leading importer and supplier of the ABL 2000 Water Jet Disruptor, offering a reliable solution for rendering safe IEDs contained within various packages. The disruptor’s proven performance, enhanced capabilities, and focus on operator safety make it an indispensable tool in counterterrorism and security operations.

Water Jet Disruptor - Explosive Disposal Equipment

Specifications of Water Jet Disruptor

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Features of Water Jet Disruptor

The Water Jet Disruptor, exemplified by the ABL 2000, boasts a range of distinctive features that contribute to its effectiveness and versatility:

  1. Dual Role Design: The ABL 2000 is designed with dual functionality, specifically tailored to render safe improvised explosive devices (IEDs) commonly found within containers like briefcases or similar packages.
  2. Recoilless Operation: With complete recoilless operation, the disruptor ensures minimal collateral damage while maintaining the highest level of operator safety during deployment.
  3. Proven Testing: Rigorous formal testing against representative targets, sensitive explosives, and pressure measuring systems validates the disruptor’s consistent and reliable disruptive performance.
  4. Enhanced Capabilities: Recent developments empower the ABL 2000 with extended capabilities. A simple front barrel assembly substitution enables the disruptor to function as a Stand Back Attack (SBA) disruptor or a De-Amer, accommodating a variety of solid projectiles such as chisels, slugs, and forks.
  5. Optional Enhancements: Additional enhancements, including laser aiming systems for Stand Back Attack (SBA) mode and refillable bottles for SBA projectile fluid, further expand the disruptor’s operational capabilities.
  6. Bespoke Cartridges: The disruptor employs specialized cartridges that undergo ballistic testing to ensure consistent and accurate performance. These cartridges are packaged in batches of 18 within an M2A1 container, which includes all essential components.

The ABL 2000 Water Jet Disruptor’s unique combination of features makes it a highly effective tool for neutralizing improvised explosive devices and enhancing security operations.

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Applications of Water Jet Disruptor

The Water Jet Disruptor finds crucial applications in security and counterterrorism operations, specifically tailored for scenarios involving improvised explosive devices (IEDs) contained within items like briefcases or similar-sized packages. Its capabilities include:

  1. IED Neutralization: The Water Jet Disruptor is adept at rendering safe IEDs concealed within containers, such as briefcases, ensuring they are safely incapacitated without causing unintended harm.
  2. Container Threat Mitigation: Designed for scenarios involving suspicious packages or containers, the disruptor provides a reliable solution for addressing potential threats in confined spaces.
  3. Counterterrorism Operations: Security and counterterrorism teams rely on the Water Jet Disruptor to effectively neutralize IEDs and eliminate threats, contributing to public safety and security.
  4. Minimal Collateral Damage: The disruptor’s recoilless operation ensures minimal collateral damage to the surrounding environment, making it a responsible choice for densely populated areas.
  5. Mission-Critical Situations: Whether in law enforcement, tactical, or military operations, the disruptor proves essential in critical situations requiring the secure handling of explosive devices.
  6. Effective Risk Management: By offering a reliable means of neutralizing potential threats, the Water Jet Disruptor supports efficient risk management and strategic security planning.

Integrating the Water Jet Disruptor into security protocols empowers professionals to proactively address threats posed by concealed IEDs, enhancing overall safety and bolstering security measures.

Technical specifications of Water Jet Disruptor

Best Price
Company Kapri Corp
Brand Kapri Corp
Category Explosive Disposal Equipment
Product name Water Jet Disruptor
Material Stainless Steel
Tube Type Stationary Anode
Minimum Order Quantity  1 PC

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