Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR)

The Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR) is a cutting-edge device with versatile capabilities, designed to accurately map structures and features that are hidden beneath the ground or within man-made structures. Kapri Corp, a leading importer and supplier, proudly offers this advanced technology to various sectors. With a commitment to delivering top-quality security solutions, Kapri Corp plays a pivotal role in providing access to innovative Multi Frequency Mine Detectors.

These detectors come in different models, including dual and triple frequency types, each equipped with the capability to provide multifaceted insights into what lies beneath the surface. By leveraging advanced multi-frequency technology, these detectors enhance the efficiency and accuracy of various applications, making them an indispensable tool for diverse industries.

Kapri Corp takes pride in being a frontrunner in importing and supplying cutting-edge security solutions, and the Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR) is emblematic of our commitment to delivering superior products. With our extensive experience and expertise, we serve as a trusted source for acquiring this exceptional mine detection technology. For additional details on the Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR) or any other products in our comprehensive portfolio, we invite you to connect with our technical experts.

Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR)

Specifications of Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR)

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Features of Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR)

The Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR) boasts an array of advanced features that set it apart as a remarkable tool for various detection applications:

  1. Versatile Detection: The device’s multi-frequency function allows for the detection of buried objects, regardless of whether they are metallic or not.
  2. Military-Grade Design: Recognized as the world’s lightest military-grade design, its robustness is complemented by a specially designed sling support, ensuring user comfort during prolonged usage.
  3. Break Detection: With a detection range of up to 1-meter-deep, it can identify variations in soil homogeneity, indicating the possible presence of foreign objects.
  4. Weatherproof Build: Featuring IP67 protection, the device can operate seamlessly in all weather conditions, including underwater, without the risk of damage.
  5. Triple Sensor Technology: The latest model incorporates a proprietary triple sensor technology, encompassing Wire Detection, Mine & Metal Detection, and Ground Penetrating Radar. This unique feature enables independent or simultaneous operation of these three channels.
  6. ATR Function: The Auto Target Recognition (ATR) function allows users to pre-program specific objects of interest or threats. Detected objects later display a unique identification code, streamlining identification.
  7. Data Connectivity: Equipped with an internal GPS and ample memory, the device can be connected to a computer for downloading gathered information, enhancing data management.
  8. Extended Battery Life: With an impressive 8-hour battery life, the Multi Frequency Mine Detector stands as an efficient and reliable tool for various detection scenarios.

These distinctive properties and features position Kapri Corp’s Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR) as an unparalleled choice for a wide range of security and surveillance applications.

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Advantages of the Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR)

The Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR) offers a range of distinct advantages that solidify its position as an exceptional tool for security and surveillance applications:

  1. Mobility and Portability: The device’s compact design ensures easy movement and portability, enabling efficient use in various scenarios.
  2. Fail-Safe Design and Overall Ease: Built with a fail-safe design, the device ensures reliability and user-friendly operation, even in demanding conditions.
  3. Instant Performance and High System Efficiency: The device provides rapid and accurate results, enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Cost Effectiveness and Image Quality: Combining cost-effective functionality with high-quality imaging capabilities, the Multi Frequency Mine Detector provides excellent value for security solutions.

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Applications of Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR)

The Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR) finds applications in a wide range of scenarios where underground inspection and detection are crucial. Some of the key applications include:

  1. Subsurface Mapping: The device is used to map out buried structures and features in the ground or within man-made structures, offering insights into the composition and layout of hidden objects.
  2. Search and Rescue: In emergency situations like collapsed buildings or natural disasters, the Multi Frequency Mine Detector aids in locating survivors or victims buried beneath debris.
  3. Utility Detection: The device assists in locating underground utilities such as cables, pipes, and wires, preventing accidental damage during construction and excavation.
  4. Environmental Studies: The device helps scientists and researchers study soil composition, identify potential contamination, and analyse geological features.
  5. Security and Law Enforcement: The Multi Frequency Mine Detector can assist security personnel and law enforcement agencies in detecting hidden objects, illicit materials, or contraband beneath the surface.
  6. Archaeological Surveys: Archaeologists utilize the Multi Frequency Mine Detector to uncover buried artefacts, structures, and historical remains without the need for excavation.
  7. Construction Planning: Construction projects benefit from the device’s ability to identify potential obstacles, voids, or weaknesses in the ground that could affect the stability of structures.
  8. Geological Surveys: Geologists use the device to explore subsurface geological formations, study rock layers, and identify anomalies in the earth’s structure.
  9. Military and Defense: The device aids military personnel in identifying buried mines, explosives, and potential threats in conflict zones.
  10. Forensics: Law enforcement agencies can use the Multi Frequency Mine Detector to locate buried evidence or hidden items related to criminal activities.

These diverse applications showcase the versatility and importance of the Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR) in various fields where subsurface detection and mapping are essential for safety, security, and exploration.

Technical specifications of Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR)

Best Price:
Company: Kapri Corp
Brand: Kapri Corp
Product name: Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR)
Category: Detectors
Detection Range: 1 meter
Communication protocol:    Bluetooth, Wifi / Cable
IP67 protection IP67 protection
Operating temperature °C -10 to +50
Power: Battery powered
Min order Quantity: 1 PC

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