Bomb Basket ( Blast Mitigating Bin)

The Bomb Basket, also known as the Blast Mitigating Bin, is an innovative security solution that seamlessly combines the imperative of maintaining a clean environment with the paramount need to protect the public from potential terrorist blast threats. Kapri Corp holds a prominent position as a leading importer and supplier of the Bomb Basket, offering advanced security measures that safeguard public spaces against evolving threats. The Bomb Basket’s exceptional performance is underpinned by the innovative SABREMAT technology, setting a new standard for blast mitigation solutions.

Key Features and Advantages of the Bomb Basket include its certification and rigorous testing against the latest UK Home Office standards (2011), substantiating its efficacy in providing substantial protection against major blast threats. With an outstanding 7-star rating based on UK HOSDB standards, the Bomb Basket’s performance in mitigating blast effects stands unparalleled. Engineered with SABREMAT technology, it offers comprehensive blast resistance, excelling in scenarios where explosive devices may detonate near its sides or bottom.

The Bomb Basket’s shell remains intact in the face of a blast, ensuring all-round horizontal protection from every direction. In an innovative design, its lid disintegrates into harmless particles upon blast impact, not only maintaining its protective function but also minimizing the risk of secondary hazards. By partnering with Kapri Corp, security agencies, municipalities, and organizations gain access to state-of-the-art security tools that prioritize public safety, bolster security measures, and create resilient environments. The Bomb Basket stands as a testament to Kapri Corp’s dedication to supplying reliable, effective, and tested security solutions that contribute to the safety and well-being of individuals and communities alike.

Bomb Basket (Blast Mitigating Bin)

Specifications of Bomb Basket ( Blast Mitigating Bin)

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Features of Bomb Basket (Blast Mitigating Bin)

The Bomb Basket, renowned as a Blast Mitigating Bin, encompasses a remarkable array of features that position it as a pioneering security solution:

  • Designed to meet the most stringent HOSDB 7-star rating standard for blast mitigation, the Bomb Basket offers exceptional protection against potential threats. 
  • Its user-friendly design ensures efficient everyday usage, enabling easy emptying to maintain a clean environment in bustling settings.
  • Crafted with a sleek and durable design, the Bomb Basket seamlessly fits into busy environments while incorporating cutting-edge SABREMAT technology. 
  • This technology empowers the bin with superior all-round horizontal blast fragment protection, minimizing potential harm to bystanders.
  • The Bomb Basket boasts a range of practical benefits, including very low maintenance costs, a generous capacity, and compatibility with standard bin bags. 
  • The option for bolt-down mounting further enhances safety considerations, making it a reliable choice for security installations. 
  • Its GRP lid is both blast disintegrating and fire retardant, ensuring optimum safety in hazardous scenarios.
  • Customizability is another standout feature of the Bomb Basket, as it is available in various finishes to align with customer specifications. 
  • Its self-draining design simplifies cleaning processes, maintaining hygiene standards in all situations. 
  • Characterized by its robustness and durability, the Bomb Basket ensures longevity even in demanding environments.
  • For added environmental responsibility, a recycling option is available, aligning with sustainability objectives. 

With these remarkable properties, features, and advantages, Kapri Corp’s Bomb Basket (Blast Mitigating Bin) stands as the premier choice for Security and Surveillance Systems. For further details about this product or any other within our extensive range, kindly reach out to us for comprehensive information and expert guidance.

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Applications of Bomb Basket (Blast Mitigating Bin)

The Bomb Basket (Blast Mitigating Bin) finds its applications in combining environmental cleanliness with public protection against potential terrorist blast threats. Specifically, the TC95 Blast Protected Litter Bin/Trash Can serves as a versatile solution that not only maintains a clean environment but also ensures the safety of the public in the face of potential blast incidents. This innovative product is designed to mitigate the impact of blasts while fulfilling the essential role of waste disposal, making it a vital asset for locations where security and public safety are paramount concerns.

Technical specifications of Bomb Basket (Blast Mitigating Bin)

Best Price:
Company: Kapri Corp
Brand: Kapri Corp
Category: Explosive Disposal Equipment
Product Name: Bomb Basket (Blast Mitigating Bin) 
Total weight*:   395 kg / 871 lbs
Exterior Dimensions*:
Diameter:  700 mm / 28”
Height:  835 mm / 33”
Interior Dimensions*:
Volume:  95 ltr/21 gal
Min order Quantity: 1 PC

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