Explosive Vapor Detector

The Explosive Vapor Detector, known as M-ION, stands as a pinnacle of innovation and expertise in the realm of explosive vapor detection. Developed with inputs from technical experts in the domain, the M-ION is a result of meticulous design, functional considerations, and dedicated product development. Kapri Corp, a leading importer and supplier, proudly offers the M-ION Explosive Vapor Detector, revolutionizing the landscape of security and safety.

The M-ION sets new standards in explosive vapor detection, equipped with features that amplify its capabilities and effectiveness. With an integrated GPS, optional Radiation Detector, and a high-speed 1GB/s LAN connection, the M-ION facilitates seamless information gathering. This holistic approach enables precise detection, accurate location tracking, and the identification of explosive types, including potentially hazardous dirty bombs.

Ease of use and adaptability lie at the core of the M-ION’s design. The detector boasts a well-developed and rigorously tested software functionality that enables swift and accurate vapor detection. Users can effortlessly program the detector to identify newly discovered explosives on the spot by simply analysing a suspected sample. This “sniff and detect” approach exemplifies the M-ION’s user-centric design and its ability to adapt rapidly to emerging threats.

The M-ION is fortified with a comprehensive software library that encompasses a wide range of explosives, from conventional to emerging substances. This dynamic library is regularly updated to ensure that Bomb Detection Teams remain ahead of the curve, equipped to identify the latest threats swiftly and with precision. The M-ION’s software evolves in tandem with the ever-changing landscape of security challenges, reflecting Kapri Corp’s commitment to staying at the forefront of security technology.

Kapri Corp’s role as a leading importer and supplier of the M-ION Explosive Vapor Detector speaks volumes about its dedication to enhancing security protocols. The M-ION’s capabilities transcend traditional vapor detection methods, offering real-time data acquisition, advanced software functionality, and adaptability to evolving threats. As security challenges become increasingly complex, the M-ION emerges as an indispensable tool in safeguarding critical spaces and protecting lives. Contact Kapri Corp for purchase of Explosive Vapour Detector.

Explosive Vapor Detector - Explosive Detection Equipment

Specifications of Explosive Vapor Detector

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Features of Explosive Vapour Detector (EVD)

The Explosive Vapour Detector (EVD), exemplified by the cutting-edge M-ION model, is characterized by a range of advanced features that set it apart as a pioneering solution in explosive vapor detection:

  • Robust Design and Unique Ionization Method: The EVD boasts a rugged design that ensures its durability even in demanding environments. What distinguishes it is the trademarked “non-radioactive” ionization technique used for sampling vapors. This innovation ensures both accuracy and safety, making the EVD a reliable choice for precise explosive vapor detection.
  • Intuitive User Interface for Seamless Operation: M-ION, the flagship model of EVD, is renowned for its user-friendly design. The 4.5” touchscreen interface enhances ease of use, enabling operators to control the device effortlessly. This intuitive interface empowers users to navigate the functions with confidence, optimizing the efficiency of the detection process.
  • Comprehensive Information at Your Fingertips: The M-ION EVD is equipped with a comprehensive and detailed information system that streamlines the detection of vapors. This feature provides operators with vital insights, enabling them to make informed decisions swiftly and accurately. The M-ION’s information system acts as a powerful tool for seamless and effective vapor detection.
  • Swift Detection with Minimal Delay: One of the standout attributes of the M-ION EVD is its ability to perform rapid detection. The device requires no initial warming, allowing it to commence detection in less than 10 seconds. This feature significantly reduces testing time, enhancing operational efficiency without compromising accuracy.
  • Efficiency and Sustainability: The M-ION EVD stands out as an environmentally conscious solution. It does not rely on consumable components, making it a sustainable choice. This aspect not only contributes to cost savings but also underscores the device’s commitment to minimizing its ecological footprint.
  • Responsive Local Support for Seamless Maintenance: Kapri Corp takes pride in providing unwavering support for the M-ION EVD. With 100% local support, service, and maintenance are guaranteed within 24 hours. This rapid response ensures uninterrupted operation, empowering users with the confidence that their security measures remain steadfast.

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Advantages of the Explosive Vapor Detector

The Explosive Vapour Detector (EVD), epitomized by the state-of-the-art M-ION model, presents a myriad of advantages that revolutionize the landscape of vapor detection:

  • Swift and Precise Vapour Detection: The standout advantage of the EVD lies in its ability to swiftly detect vapours. Equipped with advanced technology, the EVD delivers quick and accurate results, ensuring that potential threats are identified with minimal delay. This rapid detection capability enhances security measures by providing immediate insights into the presence of explosive vapours.
  • Efficiency at its Pinnacle: The M-ION EVD excels in instant performance and high system efficiency. Its streamlined operational process ensures that the device is always ready for action, optimizing the effectiveness of security protocols. The EVD’s high efficiency translates to enhanced threat detection capabilities, bolstering security across diverse settings.
  • Fail-Safe Design and User-Friendly Experience: Safety and ease of use are integral aspects of the EVD’s design. The fail-safe design ensures that the device performs with unwavering accuracy and reliability. The user-friendly interface of the M-ION model simplifies operation, enabling operators to utilize the EVD effectively without compromising on accuracy.
  • Cost-Effective Precision: The EVD offers an exceptional advantage in terms of cost-effectiveness. With instant results, users can swiftly determine the presence of explosive vapors without the need for extensive resources. This efficient approach optimizes resource allocation while maintaining a high standard of precision in vapor detection.
  • Empowering Security with Unrivalled Advantages: The culmination of properties, features, and advantages showcased by Kapri Corp’s Explosive Vapour Detector (EVD) makes it the unparalleled choice for vapor detection in Security and Surveillance Systems. As security challenges become more intricate, the EVD equips security professionals with an invaluable tool that enhances threat detection, response times, and overall security protocols.

Kapri Corp’s role as a leading importer and supplier of the Explosive Vapour Detector (EVD) underscores the commitment to elevating security standards. The EVD’s capabilities align with Kapri Corp’s dedication to providing advanced solutions that safeguard lives and assets. For additional information about this product or any other our range of products.

Applications of Explosive Vapor Detector

The versatile Explosive Vapour Detector (EVD), exemplified by the cutting-edge M-ION model, finds application in a diverse range of scenarios where rapid and accurate vapor detection is paramount. Kapri Corp, a leading importer and supplier, offers the EVD as a solution that redefines security and safety protocols.

  1. Explosive Substance Detection: Rapid identification of explosive vapors in security checkpoints and critical infrastructure.
  2. Comprehensive Vapor Detection: Detects vapors from narcotics, toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and chemical warfare agents.
  3. Border Security: Enhances border control by identifying potential threats in individuals, luggage, and cargo.
  4. Counterterrorism Operations: Crucial tool for proactive identification of explosive materials, aiding in counterterrorism efforts.
  5. Safety Inspection: Ensures safety in critical areas like transportation vehicles, public venues, and infrastructure.
  6. Customizable Detection: Tailored settings for specific substances, adapting to evolving security needs.
  7. Advanced Security Measures: Elevates security protocols by providing quick and accurate vapor detection.

Technical specifications of Explosive Vapor Detector

Best Price:
Company: Kapri Corp
Brand: Kapri Corp
Product name: Explosive Vapour Detector ( M-ION)
Category: Detectors
Display Size: 4.5” Touchscreen
Detection Time: Less than 10 seconds
Connection: 1GB/s LAN connection
Functionality: Internal GPS enabled
Communication protocol:    Bluetooth, Wifi / Cable
Min order Quantity: 1 PC

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