Mine Detector

The Guartel MD8+ Mine Detector is a stalwart in the realm of metal detection, offering unwavering reliability, exceptional performance, and unparalleled precision. As a handheld metal detector (HHMD), it stands as a versatile tool catering to the needs of both civilian and military agencies.

Powered by high-speed pulse induction technology, the MD8+ exhibits peak sensitivity, enabling it to detect a spectrum of metallic objects including current-generation minimum metal anti-personnel (AP) and anti-tank (AT) mines, as well as small metallic targets. Its automatic calibration and detection mechanisms contribute to its user-friendly operation, automatically adjusting to the environmental conditions. The MD8+ is designed for seamless use, demanding minimal training for effective deployment.

Kapri Corp takes pride in being a frontrunner in importing and supplying cutting-edge security solutions, and the Guartel MD8+ Mine Detector is emblematic of our commitment to delivering superior products. With our extensive experience and expertise, we serve as a trusted source for acquiring this exceptional mine detection technology. For additional details on the Guartel MD8+ Mine Detector or any other products in our comprehensive portfolio, we invite you to connect with our technical experts.

Mine Detector - Explosive Detection Equipment

Specifications of Mine Detector

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Features of Mine Detector

The MD8+ Mine Detector boasts a range of features that solidify its position as a top-tier detection solution:

  1. Compact and Cable-Free Design: The MD8+ is crafted for ease of use, free from external cables, connectors, or protrusions that might impede the operator’s actions.
  2. Rugged and Reliable Construction: Manufactured to withstand demanding conditions, the detector’s design ensures its durability, water resistance, and reliability across various climatic environments.
  3. Optimized Detector Head: The innovative detector head design, coupled with the turret-mounted LED array, enhances target pinpointing. This is especially valuable when locating small objects in close proximity to larger ones, even in challenging scenarios.

The MD8+ Mine Detector exemplifies our commitment to providing products that are robust, efficient, and capable of meeting stringent security requirements. If you seek further insights into the MD8+ Mine Detector or any other offerings in our extensive product line-up, we encourage you to reach out to our technical experts.

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Applications of Mine Detector

The Guartel MD8+ Mine Detector serves a range of critical applications and is suitable for both civilian and military agencies. Its uses include:

  1. Mine Detection/Clearance: The MD8+ excels in detecting and clearing minefields, safeguarding lives and territories from hidden explosive hazards.
  2. Post Blast Scene Search: After an explosion, the MD8+ aids in locating residual explosive materials, facilitating investigations and recovery efforts.
  3. Explosive Ordnance Clearance: This detector contributes to the identification and removal of explosive ordnance, ensuring safe and secure environments.
  4. Area Search: The MD8+ effectively scans large areas to identify buried or concealed metallic objects, contributing to security and safety protocols.

With its versatile applications and capabilities, the Guartel MD8+ Mine Detector is an indispensable tool for various security and defense operations.

Technical specifications of Mine Detector

Best Price
Company Kapri Corp
Brand Kapri Corp
Category Explosive Detection Equipment
Product name Mine Detector
Battery 3x D Batteries
Length 920 mm – 1,320 mm
Weight 2210 g
Alarm Mode Sound
Automation Grade Automatic
Minimum Order Quantity  1 PC

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