Bomb Suit

The Bomb Suit, offered by Kapri Corp, is a critical component of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) operations, designed to provide comprehensive protection to bomb disposal personnel. The Olympia Excel Bomb suit, available through Kapri Corp, is a state-of-the-art EOD protective ensemble that ensures the safety and well-being of professionals dealing with hazardous explosive devices. This advanced bomb suit is an all-encompassing solution, consisting of a range of components designed to shield EOD personnel from various threats associated with explosive devices.

Comprising essential elements for full-body protection, the Olympia Excel Bomb suit includes:
Helmet with a comfortable liner, adjustable demister, light, battery pack, and integrated communications microphone and earpieces.
Jacket with sleeves, a protective collar, and hand mittens.
Trousers featuring integrated over boots.
Three-part blast plates for enhanced protection.

The Olympia Excel Bomb suit represents the tenth generation of bomb suits, and it introduces innovative features that prioritize wearer comfort and flexibility during critical operations. This advanced suit is meticulously designed to offer exceptional protection against multiple hazards, including fragmentation, blast overpressure, blunt trauma, and heat/flame exposure.

Key Materials and Construction: The outer fabric of the suit is constructed from NOMEX, a certified flame-retardant material that comes in various standard colours. Additional colours and materials can be customized based on specific requirements. Reinforced CORDURA patches are strategically placed on the elbows, knees, and blast plate pouch to extend the suit’s wear life. Fragmentation protection is achieved through a multi-ply construction of water-repellent treated aramid fibers contained within a nylon armour pack. The suit’s composite structure ensures effective blast overpressure reduction.

Additional Features:
Steel Visor: A steel visor can be fitted over the standard polycarbonate visor, offering high-level fragmentation protection against powerful shaped explosive devices.
Cooling Suit: United Shield offers an undergarment cooling suit with a hood that utilizes chilled water to regulate body temperature. This suit, available in one size to fit all, features a matrix of silicon tubes and connectors that facilitate the flow of chilled water.

Kapri Corp’s role as a leading importer and supplier ensures that cutting-edge bomb suits like the Olympia Excel Bomb suit are accessible to professionals responsible for handling explosive threats. The company’s commitment to providing advanced protective solutions empowers bomb disposal personnel to carry out their vital tasks with the highest level of safety and confidence.

Bomb Suit - Explosive Disposal Equipment

Specifications of Bomb Suit

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Features of Bomb Suit

The Bomb Suit offered by Kapri Corp is characterized by a range of cutting-edge features designed to ensure the safety and effectiveness of bomb disposal personnel. These features include:

  1. Zoned Armour System: The bomb suit incorporates a zoned armour system that delivers exceptional protection against fragments and shrapnel resulting from explosive detonations. This specialized design shields vital areas of the body, enhancing the wearer’s safety during hazardous operations.
  2. Three-Part Articulated Blast Plates: The suit is equipped with three-part blast plates that are strategically articulated to provide optimal protection while allowing for flexibility and ease of movement. This configuration ensures that the wearer can effectively navigate various scenarios without compromising safety.
  3. High-Performance Helmet and Visor: The bomb suit includes a high-performance helmet featuring a visor that offers reliable protection for the head and face. This visor is designed to safeguard against potential threats while providing clear visibility for the wearer to carry out tasks with precision.
  4. Significant Blast Over Pressure Reduction: The bomb suit’s advanced design incorporates features that help mitigate the effects of blast overpressure. This reduction in blast impact enhances the wearer’s ability to withstand explosive shockwaves, contributing to overall safety.

These exceptional properties, features, and advantages make Kapri Corp’s Bomb Suit the ultimate choice for Security and Surveillance Systems. As a leading importer and supplier, Kapri Corp is committed to providing top-tier protective solutions that empower bomb disposal personnel to operate effectively in high-risk environments. 

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Applications of Bomb Suit

Bomb suits play a crucial role in safeguarding bomb disposal personnel and EOD teams from the various hazards associated with explosive events. The applications of bomb suits encompass the following areas:

  1. Blast Overpressure Protection: Bomb suits are primarily utilized to shield wearers from the primary injuries caused by blast overpressure waves or shock waves resulting from explosive detonations. The suit’s robust construction and advanced materials are engineered to absorb and dissipate the energy generated by these shock waves, reducing the impact on the wearer’s body.
  2. Fragmentation Defense: Bomb suits offer a critical layer of defense against secondary injuries caused by flying fragments and shrapnel. The suits’ zoned armour system and reinforced materials effectively block and absorb the kinetic energy of fragments, minimizing the risk of injuries to vital body areas.
  3. Heat and Flame Resistance: In hazardous environments where explosives may cause fires or intense heat, bomb suits provide protection against tertiary injuries related to heat and flame ingress. The flame-retardant materials used in the suits create a barrier that reduces the risk of burns and other heat-related injuries.
  4. Enhanced Mobility: Bomb suits are designed to facilitate wearer manoeuvrability, allowing EOD professionals to effectively navigate various scenarios while wearing the suit. The flexibility provided by the articulated blast plates and ergonomic design ensures that wearers can perform intricate tasks with precision.
  5. Urban and Special Operations: Bomb suits are essential tools for law enforcement agencies, military units, and emergency responders involved in urban and special operations. These suits provide protection when dealing with suspicious packages, potential explosive devices, and hazardous materials.
  6. Search and Neutralization: Bomb disposal teams use bomb suits to safely approach, inspect, and neutralize explosive devices. The protective capabilities of the suits enable trained professionals to carry out controlled detonations, render devices safe, and ensure public safety. 

Bomb suits are critical components of EOD operations and counter-terrorism efforts, as they provide a comprehensive solution for protecting individuals against blast overpressure, fragmentation, heat, and flame.

Technical specifications of Bomb Suit

Best Price
Company Kapri Corp
Brand Kapri Corp
Category Protection Gear
Product name Bomb Suit
Battery volt 12v battery
Blast test 1 Kg at 1.5 mtr
Velocity 575 m/s
Weight 2.7kg with pump assembly
Fabric Kermel
Color Navy Blue
Size XS, Large
Minimum Order Quantity  1 PC

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