Cable & Wire Locator

Cable & Wire Locator WD100 is a specialized electronic device designed to accurately identify and trace underground cables and wires without the need for excavation. The WD100 Cable Detector stands as the sole commercially available detection solution uniquely engineered to identify both surface-laid and buried command wires. These wires are commonly used to initiate Command Wire Improvised Explosive Devices (CWIEDs). The Cable & Wire Locator operates by sending a signal through the cable, and the receiver detects and interprets the signal’s strength to determine the cable’s path and depth.

Kapri Corp, a prominent figure in the field of security and detection solutions, stands out as a leading importer and supplier of Cable & Wire Locator technology. With a steadfast commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions, Kapri Corp offers state-of-the-art Cable & Wire Locator devices to various industries. As a trusted partner, the company ensures that accurate and reliable cable detection is attainable, contributing to improved safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in various projects.

In a world where precise underground cable detection is essential to prevent disruptions, accidents, and unnecessary expenses, Kapri Corp’s role as a leading importer and supplier of Cable & Wire Locator technology becomes pivotal. By delivering state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive solutions, the company empowers various industries to operate with confidence, ensuring the safety and integrity of their projects and infrastructure. Contact Kapri Corp for purchase of Cable & Wire Locator.

Cable & Wire Locator - Explosive Detection Equipment

Specifications of Cable & Wire Locator

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Features of Cable & Wire Locator

The Cable & Wire Locator offers a range of features tailored for its specific application:

  • Designed to be operated by proficiently trained and appropriately equipped teams engaged in Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) and Counter Terrorist Search (CTS) operations.
  • The WD100 model complies with UK Defence Standards (DEFSTANS), ensuring its suitability for usage in all weather conditions.
  • The search head of the device is waterproof, capable of immersion in water. This feature proves especially advantageous when navigating water obstacles during search operations.
  • The ergonomic design of the WD100 facilitates extended operation periods, a crucial factor when undertaking tasks that involve extensive route searches.

These above mentioned features makes Kapri Corp’s Cable & Wire Locator the ultimate product choice for Security and Surveillance Systems. For additional information about this product or any other our range of products.

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Applications of Cable & Wire Locator

The applications of the Cable & Wire Locator, specifically the WD100 model, encompass a range of critical roles:

  1. Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) Operations: The WD100 proves indispensable in CIED operations, aiding military and law enforcement agencies in locating and identifying command wires used in improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Its precision in detecting buried and surface-laid wires enhances threat mitigation and operational success.
  2. Counter Terrorist Search (CTS) Operations: In Counter Terrorist Search operations, the WD100 plays a pivotal role by assisting security personnel in identifying hidden wires used in explosive devices. Its accurate detection capabilities contribute to comprehensive search operations and improved safety.
  3. Military Deployments: The WD100 is a valuable asset for NATO armies and other military organizations, supporting various tactical scenarios, including perimeter security, route clearance, and sweep operations. Its role in uncovering potential threats contributes to mission success and troop safety.
  4. Law Enforcement: Police organizations rely on the WD100 to enhance their capabilities in investigating and neutralizing threats posed by explosive devices. Its ability to locate hidden wires provides law enforcement agencies with critical information to ensure public safety.
  5. Border Security: The WD100 supports border security efforts by identifying command wires that might be used to trigger explosive devices along borders, helping authorities maintain territorial integrity and prevent unauthorized crossings.
  6. Event Security: Security personnel deploying the WD100 can ensure the safety of public gatherings, festivals, and events by preemptively detecting any concealed explosive threats.

The WD100 Cable & Wire Locator finds extensive application in Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) and Counter Terrorist Search (CTS) operations, military deployments, law enforcement efforts, security screening, infrastructure development, emergency response, border security, event security, and public safety initiatives.

Technical specifications of Cable & Wire Locator

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