Dual Coil Vehicle Mounted Large Loop Metal Detector

The Dual Coil Vehicle Mounted Large Loop Metal Detector (VMDLD) is a specialized equipment known as the Auror 740 VMDLD. It has been created to streamline and enhance search operations in regions of India that are prone to instability and volatility. This device features a distinctive setup involving two large circular loops that are mounted onto a vehicle. This vehicle should possess a significant amount of ground clearance and preferably have a robust four-wheel drive system. As a result of this configuration, the Auror 740 VMDLD is transformed into a versatile search instrument capable of navigating various types of terrain.

The primary objective of this device is to expedite the process of locating buried Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). By using its metal detection capabilities, it can swiftly identify the presence of metallic objects buried underground, which could potentially be hazardous devices. The advantage of utilizing a vehicle-mounted system is that it accelerates the search process, making it more efficient compared to traditional manual methods. Moreover, it enhances the safety of personnel involved in the search operations by reducing their direct exposure to the risk of explosion from any concealed explosive devices.

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Specifications of Dual Coil Vehicle Mounted Large Loop Metal Detector

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Features of Dual Coil Vehicle Mounted Large Loop Metal Detector

  • Capability: The system utilizes electromagnetic Pulse Induction principle to detect both ferrous and nonferrous metals.
  • Design: Constructed with a lightweight glass-filled fusion-welded PP pipe frame to support sensors and cabling.
  • Ruggedness: The system frame is built to withstand shocks, vibrations, and UV exposure, adhering to MIL810F conditions.
  • Mounting: Can be permanently mounted on various vehicle models like Sumo, Scorpio, Thar, Bolero, etc.
  • Controls: Controlled by an electronic operation box and synchronizer (for left and right channels) housed within the vehicle. All functions, including on/off, logging, sensitivity, and threshold settings, are manageable from this control panel.
  • Deployment: The frame is foldable over the vehicle’s front hood, deployable by two persons within 5-10 minutes.
  • Configuration: Operates on Dual Channel (Left & Right) with 1 x 1 m square loop on each channel. Can be configured for a larger search area. Coils are positioned at least 1.9m ahead of the vehicle for safety.
  • Power Supply: Powered by a 12V DC car battery.
  • Ingress Protection: Frame and sensors have IP67 water protection rating, while the electronic box has an IP32 rating.
  • Detection Depth: Capable of detecting a 100 x 100 mm metal piece approximately 700mm below the surface.
  • Environmental Range: Operates within a temperature range of -20ºC to +55ºC, suitable for a pH level of 8.8.
  • Sensitivity Setting: Threshold setting compensates for soil variations and depth detection. Allows unique calibration for specific soil conditions.
  • Alarm: Audio and visual alarms through galvanometer reading when metal detection response exceeds the set threshold.
  • Weight: Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

These features collectively make the Dual Coil Vehicle Mounted Large Loop Metal Detector a robust and efficient tool for detecting buried metallic objects in various terrains and conditions, enhancing security and safety measures.

*Note: Features are subject to change without Intimation due to continuous R&D.

Advantages of Dual Coil Vehicle Mounted Large Loop Metal Detector

Here are the advantages of the Dual Coil Vehicle Mounted Large Loop Metal Detector compared to conventional handheld deep search metal detectors:

  • Enhanced Search Efficiency: Offers a significant boost in search speed and coverage compared to manual handheld detectors, enabling quicker scans of larger areas.
  • Rapid Deployment: Easily and swiftly deployable, allowing for efficient use of time during operations.
  • Adaptable Coil Configurations: Capable of utilizing multiple coil configurations to accommodate varying terrain conditions, optimizing detection capabilities.
  • Data Logging Interface: Equipped with a data logging interface, ideal for technical surveys, quality assurance (QA), and quality control (QC) purposes. This feature enhances the ability to record and analyse search results systematically.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Covers a wide search area with each pass, reducing the need for repetitive scanning and increasing the chances of detection.
  • All-Terrain Capabilities: Designed for diverse terrains and environments, ensuring effective operation in challenging conditions.
  • Reduced Operator Fatigue: Minimizes the physical strain on operators that typically comes with manual handheld detectors, enabling longer search durations without exhaustion.
  • Integrated Vehicle Mounting: Mounts on vehicles, providing a stable platform that facilitates consistent and controlled scanning.
  • Safety Enhancement: Decreases direct personnel exposure to potential dangers like buried explosive devices, contributing to a safer search process.
  • Technical Survey Support: Suited for technical surveys due to data logging capabilities, aiding in comprehensive analysis and decision-making.

Dual Coil Vehicle Mounted Large Loop Metal Detector offers substantial advantages over conventional handheld deep search metal detectors, including heightened search efficiency, adaptability to terrain, data logging capabilities, and enhanced operator convenience. These features collectively contribute to more effective and efficient security search operations.

Applications of Dual Coil Vehicle Mounted Large Loop Metal Detector

The Dual Coil Vehicle Mounted Large Loop Metal Detector serves diverse applications due to its advanced capabilities. Primarily used in security and defense contexts, it detects buried threats like explosive devices, aiding counter-terrorism units and military operations. Law enforcement agencies benefit by uncovering concealed weapons and evidence. It also aids humanitarian efforts in demining and disaster rescue missions. Archaeological surveys, border security, and industrial applications further benefit from its efficient metal detection technology. This versatile tool significantly enhances search efficiency and safety across a range of scenarios, making it an invaluable asset in various fields.

Technical specifications of Dual Coil Vehicle Mounted Large Loop Metal Detector

Best Price
Company Kapri Corp
Brand Kapri Corp
Category Bomb Detection and Disposal Solutions
Product name Dual Coil Vehicle Mounted Large Loop Metal Detector
Controls Electronic operation box & synchronizer, facilitating easy adjustments.
Deployment Deployable in 5-10 mins by two persons.
Configuration Dual Channel (Left & Right) with 1 x 1 m square loop on each side.
Power Supply Operates on 12V DC car battery supplied power.
Ingress Protection Water protection frame and sensors IP67, electronic box IP32.
Detection Depth Detects 100 x 100 mm metal pieces at approx. 700mm depth.
Environmental Range (Operating temperature) -20ºC to +55ºC, pH level of 8.8.
Alarm Audio & visual alarm via galvanometer reading when metal detection response exceeds threshold.
Min order Quantity 1 PC

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