Explosive Detection Equipment

Kapri Corp takes a prominent role as a leading importer and supplier of advanced Explosive Detection Equipment, offering a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solutions meticulously designed to effectively identify and counter explosive threats. The company’s unyielding dedication to safety and security is instrumental in elevating security protocols across diverse sectors. With a keen focus on importing, supplying, and servicing state-of-the-art security technology, Kapri Corp has established itself as a trusted partner in safeguarding critical infrastructure, public spaces, and transportation hubs.

The portfolio of Explosive Detection Equipment offered by Kapri Corp comprises a diverse array of sophisticated technologies, each engineered to address the intricate challenges posed by explosive threats. Among the extensive range are devices like the Cable & Wire Locator, which plays a pivotal role in detecting concealed explosive devices by identifying cables or wires. The Contraband Detector offers advanced contraband detection technology, aiding security personnel in uncovering hidden threats. Additionally, the Electronic Stethoscope provides essential audio inspection capabilities to identify suspicious sounds associated with explosive devices.

Kapri Corp supplies the Explosive Liquid Detector utilizing Raman Spectrometry, which accurately identifies explosive liquids. The Explosive Trace Detector excels at pinpointing minuscule traces of explosives, significantly enhancing security screening efficiency. Further strengthening capabilities, the Explosive Vapor Detector detects vapor traces of explosives, contributing to a more comprehensive threat detection approach.

Real-time imagery is facilitated by the Hand-Held Backscatter Scanner, enabling the identification of concealed objects and potential threats. The High Penetration GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) technology provided by Kapri Corp allows for subsurface threat detection, and the Mine Detector is a valuable tool for identifying buried explosive devices and unexploded ordnance.

In its commitment to comprehensive threat identification, Kapri Corp offers the Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR) with multi-frequency capabilities for precise subsurface threat identification. The Non Linear Junction Detector employs non-linear junction analysis to identify hidden electronics commonly associated with explosive devices. 

Among the essential offerings is the Portable X-Ray Scanner with Real Time Viewing System, providing immediate X-ray imaging for swift and accurate threat identification. Kapri Corp’s Explosive Detection Equipment solutions empower security personnel with the tools they need to confidently and effectively address explosive threats in various environments.    

In today’s dynamic security landscape, Kapri Corp’s Explosive Detection Equipment solutions underscore the company’s commitment to safety and protection. With a range of innovative equipment tailored for accurate detection, swift response, and personal safety enhancement, Kapri Corp sets the standard for excellence in addressing the evolving challenges of security threats. The company’s unwavering dedication to delivering dependable safety and security solutions remains paramount, providing clients with the means to safeguard individuals, infrastructure, and public spaces.

Products offered in Explosive Detection Equipment provided by Kapri Corp