Protection Gear

Kapri Corp stands as a premier supplier and importer of top-notch protection gears, catering to a wide range of applications where safety and security are paramount. Among the array of specialized equipment offered by Kapri Corp for protection gear applications, the following gears are prominently supplied: Bomb Basket (Blast Mitigating Bin), Bomb Suit, Bomb Suppression Blanket, Bulletproof Helmet, and Bulletproof Jacket.

Kapri Corp’s Bomb Basket, also known as a Blast Mitigating Bin, is a critical tool designed to contain and mitigate the impact of explosive devices. Crafted with trailblazing materials and engineering, this basket serves as a protective enclosure that helps absorb and redirect the force of an explosion, reducing potential damage to its surroundings. By reducing the blast’s impact, the Bomb Basket significantly increases the safety of personnel and property in the vicinity.

The Bomb Suit offered by Kapri Corp is an apex of protective wear, meticulously designed to safeguard bomb disposal experts from potential threats. Constructed with advanced composite materials, the suit provides comprehensive protection against fragments, shrapnel, and blast effects. Its ergonomic design ensures ease of movement while maintaining a high level of defense, allowing specialists to operate confidently in high-risk situations.

Kapri Corp’s Bomb Suppression Blanket is a vital tool in containing explosive hazards. Engineered with durable, specialized fabrics, the blanket can be swiftly deployed over suspicious items to mitigate the impact of an explosion. This versatile equipment provides an extra layer of defense, diminishing potential harm and damage that could arise from detonations.

For personnel facing ballistic threats, Kapri Corp offers the Bulletproof Helmet, a pinnacle of head protection. Crafted with lightweight yet robust materials, this helmet provides reliable defense against projectiles while ensuring comfort and mobility. Its design is optimized for tactical operations, making it a crucial asset for law enforcement and security personnel.

The Bulletproof Jacket supplied by Kapri Corp is a tribute to modern protective technology. Engineered to withstand ballistic impact, this jacket offers dynamic protection to the torso and vital organs without compromising flexibility. It is custom-made for utmost comfort, allowing wearers to move freely while remaining shielded from potential threats.

Our commitment to safety and security is exemplified by the exceptional range of protection gears. The Bomb Basket, Bomb Suit, Bomb Suppression Blanket, Bulletproof Helmet, and Bulletproof Jacket are prime examples of Kapri Corp’s dedication to equipping professionals with advanced tools that ensure their safety and efficacy in high-risk environments.

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