Airport Security Solution and Surveillance Systems

According to the 2011 World Airport Traffic Report by ACI (Airport Council International), worldwide airport passenger numbers increased by 5.3% in 2011 to 5.44 billion and global passenger traffic is expected to top 12 billion by 2031.

Airport security and surveillance is a huge challenge with billions of passengers and baggage crisscrossing through hundreds of airports and thousands of flights on an everyday basis. The growing air travel industry and strict regulatory requirements necessitates steady overhauls of airport runways and other infrastructure to keep up with current and future demand. Moreover, the constantly growing complexity of threats are compelling airports to become highly vigilant and are dictating the need for smarter security solutions. 

Airport Security Solution and Surveillance Systems are security solutions typically implemented in multi-layered surveillance tactic with a combination of detection and surveillance products like scanners and detectors and sensors in combination with IP CCTV cameras for intelligent surveillance, analytics and access control along with quick response teams.

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Challenges in Airport Security Solution and Surveillance Systems

Airports have unique security challenges due to the utter scale, volume and cost of infrastructure and people involved. Additionally, with constrained and sensitive areas within and nearby airport terminals, it is vital for the authorities to continuously monitor and record all movements. However, there are significant challenges that span a gamut of factors such as:

  • Protecting airport infrastructure and Equipment.
  • Ensuring secure passenger authentication and identification
  • Utilizing the right detection technologies and equipment for passenger screening
  • Utilizing the right detection technologies for baggage and cargo screening
  • Ensuring effective security with in-flight security as well as safe and well-organized air traffic management

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