X Ray Baggage Inspection System

X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems have emerged as essential tools for enhancing security measures by allowing detailed scans of baggage and packages. Kapri Corp, a recognized figure in the security industry, has positioned itself as a leading importer, supplier, service provider, and installer of X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems. Through the commitment to quality and excellence, Kapri Corp plays a pivotal role in elevating security standards in diverse sectors.

An X Ray inspection system is a sophisticated security device that employs advanced X-ray technology to produce detailed images of the contents of baggage, packages, and parcels. X ray inspection machine allow security personnel to identify concealed threats, weapons, explosives, and prohibited items without physically opening the baggage.

X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems have transformed security screening by enabling efficient and accurate identification of potential threats. Kapri Corp stands as a reputable entity in the security industry, renowned for delivering innovative security solutions that align with evolving security challenges. By consistently meeting security demands and ensuring effective system utilization, Kapri Corp plays a crucial role in enhancing safety measures and security standards across various sectors. Contact Kapri Corp, a leading supplier and importer in Mumbai, India for installation or purchase.

Specifications of X Ray Baggage Inspection System

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Features of X Ray Baggage Inspection System

X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems play a pivotal role in enhancing security measures across various environments. Here are the key features of X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems:

  1. Multi Energy Imaging (4-6 Colours): These systems utilize multi-energy X-ray technology to generate images in multiple colours, allowing for better differentiation and identification of materials.
  2. Atomic Z Number Measurement: X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems can measure the atomic number of materials, aiding in the classification and identification of objects based on their atomic composition.
  3. Perfect View (PV) Function: The Perfect View function optimizes image clarity, ensuring that details within the scanned baggage are clearly visible to security operators.
  4. Edge Enhancement (EE) Function: Edge Enhancement enhances the visibility of object edges within the X-ray images, facilitating precise identification of objects.
  5. Black / White (B/W) Function: The Black/White function provides high-contrast images that enable operators to identify objects with greater clarity.
  6. Organic/Inorganic Separation (OM/IM): These systems can differentiate between organic and inorganic materials, assisting in identifying potential threats hidden within baggage.
  7. Inverse View: The Inverse View function displays the X-ray image in inverse colors, offering an alternative perspective for object recognition.
  8. High Penetration: X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems possess high penetration capabilities, allowing them to scan through dense materials for a comprehensive view of contents.
  9. Variable Edge Clarification: Operators can adjust the level of edge clarification to enhance the visibility of object outlines in the images.
  10. Variable Colour Separation: These systems provide the flexibility to adjust the level of color separation, aiding in the differentiation of materials.
  11. Variable Density Zoom (+D /-D): The Variable Density Zoom feature allows operators to zoom in and out of specific areas within the image, enhancing scrutiny.
  12. Real-Time Image Processing and Zoom (64x): X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems offer real-time image processing and zoom functionality, enabling operators to focus on specific details.
  13. Image of Previous Baggage: The system retains images of previously scanned baggage, facilitating comparisons and reference for security personnel.
  14. Manual Image Archiving: Operators can manually archive images for future reference and analysis.
  15. Automatic Image Archiving: The system automatically archives a substantial number of images, allowing for comprehensive data storage.
  16. First In First Out Archiving (FIFO): Images are archived in a chronological sequence, aiding in effective management and retrieval of scanned data.
  17. Programmable Function Keys: Operators can customize function keys for quick access to frequently used settings and features.
  18. Baggage Counter: The system records the number of scanned baggage items, aiding in tracking throughput.
  19. Date/Time Indicator: X-Ray images are timestamped, providing valuable data for security and audit purposes.
  20. UPS (for Computer): Uninterrupted Power Supply ensures continuous operation, minimizing downtime due to power fluctuations.
  21. Flat Panel LCD Monitor: These systems feature high-resolution flat panel LCD monitors for clear image display.
  22. Threat Image Projection (TIP): TIP allows operators to insert simulated threats into images for training and evaluation purposes.
  23. Organic Danger Alarm: Alarms are triggered for the detection of organic threats.
  24. Inorganic Danger Alarm: Alarms are activated for the detection of inorganic threats.
  25. Suspicious Bag Alarm: Alarms are sounded for baggage that raises suspicion based on the X-ray image.
  26. Operator Console: An ergonomic operator console provides a comfortable and efficient workspace for security personnel.
  27. CE Certificate: The system holds a CE certificate, indicating its compliance with European safety standards.
  28. AERB, India Approved: Approved by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) in India, signifying adherence to safety regulations.

The features of X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems demonstrate their sophistication and efficiency in providing comprehensive security screening.

Advantages of X Ray Baggage Inspection System

X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems stand as critical components in modern security protocols, providing a wide array of advantages that enhance safety measures and maintain the integrity of secure environments. Here are the key advantages of X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems:

  1. Accurate Threat Detection: X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems offer precise detection capabilities, enabling security personnel to accurately identify concealed threats such as weapons, explosives, and contraband.
  2. Non-Intrusive Screening: These systems provide non-intrusive screening, allowing baggage and packages to be inspected without physically opening them, preserving privacy while maintaining security.
  3. Enhanced Object Recognition: Features such as Perfect View (PV) function, Edge Enhancement (EE), and Black/White (B/W) mode optimize image clarity, aiding in the identification of objects within baggage.
  4. Efficient Throughput: X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems enable rapid screening, making them suitable for high-traffic areas such as airports, transportation hubs, and public venues.
  5. Customizable Settings: Operators can adjust the sensitivity levels, color separation, and other settings to align with the security requirements of specific environments, minimizing false alarms.
  6. Dual-View Capability: Many systems offer dual-view functionality, providing multiple perspectives of scanned items for enhanced detection accuracy.
  7. Enhanced Security Protocol: By effectively detecting threats and prohibited items, X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems contribute to elevating overall security measures in various sectors.
  8. Training and Proficiency: Some systems include Operator Training Programs (OTP) to educate security personnel on effective utilization and threat recognition techniques.
  9. Reduced Operational Risks: These systems minimize the need for physical inspections, reducing the risk of accidental exposure to potential threats.
  10. Efficient Operations: X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems streamline security operations by allowing quick and accurate screening, enhancing the overall efficiency of security checkpoints.

By providing accurate threat detection, non-intrusive screening, and high-quality imaging, these systems significantly contribute to preventing potential threats and maintaining public safety across various sectors.

Applications of X Ray Baggage Inspection System

X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems have become integral components of security measures across various sectors, offering versatile solutions for accurate threat detection and maintaining safety. Here are the key applications of X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems:

  • Airports and Aviation Security: X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems are extensively used in airports to screen checked baggage, carry-on items, and cargo, ensuring that no prohibited objects or threats are brought on board airplanes.
  • Transportation Hubs: Train stations, bus terminals, and maritime ports employ these systems to screen luggage and packages, preventing the entry of dangerous items into public transportation systems.
  • Government Buildings: Government facilities, including courthouses, legislative offices, and administrative centers, use X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems to enhance security and prevent the entry of prohibited items.
  • Critical Infrastructure: Power plants, nuclear facilities, and water treatment centers deploy these systems to ensure that no unauthorized or potentially hazardous items are brought into sensitive areas.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities employ these systems to screen bags and packages on their premises, contributing to the safety of students and staff.
  • Public Venues: Museums, theatres, libraries, and other public venues use these systems to maintain security and prevent the entry of prohibited items.
  • Shopping Malls and Retail Stores: Retail establishments deploy X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems at entrances to prevent theft and enhance security within their premises.
  • Customs and Border Crossings: Border checkpoints and customs facilities utilize these systems to screen luggage and cargo, ensuring compliance with regulations and preventing the entry of contraband.
  • High-Security Facilities: Prisons, correctional facilities, and detention centers deploy X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems to prevent the smuggling of contraband and prohibited items.
  • Corporate Offices: Corporate buildings use these systems to enhance security during entry and exit, preventing the unauthorized introduction of items that could compromise safety.
  • Cruise Ships and Ferries: Cruise terminals and ferry docks use these systems to screen passengers’ luggage and cargo before embarkation.

The applications of X-Ray Baggage Inspection Systems are diverse and span across various sectors where security and safety are paramount.

Technical specifications of X Ray Baggage Inspection System

Best Price
Company Kapri Corp
Brand Kapri Corp
Category Scanning & Screening Solutions
Product name X Ray Baggage Inspection System
Conveyor Load Capacity 3.000 Kg
Dimension Length 3,354 mm Height 2,135 mm Width 2,885 mm
Energy imagining 4-6 Colours
Measurement type Atomic Z Number
Monitor display LCD Monitor
Steel Penetration 38 mm
Wire Resolution 40 AWG
Conveyor Speed 0.10 m/sec
Minimum Order Quantity  1 PC

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