Multi Energy Single View Baggage Scanning Machine

In the market of security technology, innovation continues to redefine the way we approach safety and threat detection. The Multi-Energy Single-view Baggage Scanning Machine is a prime example of pioneering technology designed to enhance security screening processes in high-risk environments. Kapri Corp, a prominent name in the security industry, has emerged as a leading importer, supplier, service provider, and installer of these advanced machines, playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing security measures across diverse sectors.

A Multi-Energy Single-view Baggage Scanning Machine is a sophisticated security device that utilizes advanced imaging technology to inspect baggage, packages, and items for concealed threats or prohibited items. This machine combines multiple key features to provide comprehensive and accurate screening results, making it an indispensable tool for transportation hubs, government facilities, critical infrastructure sites, and other security-conscious environments.

Kapri Corp has solidified its position as a trusted name in the security industry by consistently delivering state-of-the-art security solutions that address the evolving challenges of the modern world. The Multi-Energy Single-view Baggage Scanning Machine stands as a testament to the continual advancements in security technology. Its ability to provide accurate and detailed images of scanned items, coupled with Kapri Corp’s role as a leading company for installation and supply of Baggage Scanning Machine underscores the importance of innovation and collaboration in safeguarding public spaces and critical infrastructures. Contact Kapri Corp, a leading supplier and importer in Mumbai, India for installation or purchase.

Specifications of Multi Energy Single View Baggage Scanning Machine

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Features of Multi Energy Single View Baggage Scanning Machine

The Multi-Energy Single View Baggage Scanning Machine is a state-of-the-art security device equipped with a range of advanced features designed to enhance threat detection capabilities while maintaining efficient screening processes. Here are the key features of this advanced security technology:

  1. Multi-Energy Generation (4-Energy with 6-Color Imaging): Utilizes four different energy levels to generate high-resolution images in six distinct colours, enhancing the visibility and differentiation of materials.
  2. Detail Enhancement (PV): Allows operators to manipulate and enhance the details of scanned images, ensuring potential threats are clearly visible.
  3. Black & White View (B/W): Presents scanned images in traditional black and white format, providing a clear representation of scanned items.
  4. Organic/Inorganic Separation (OM/IM): Differentiates between organic and inorganic materials, aiding in the identification of potential threats and contraband.
  5. Pseudo Color (PS): Displays scanned images with color-coded enhancements, improving the visualization of objects based on their materials.
  6. Inverse View (IN): Displays scanned images in inverse color mode, highlighting differences in materials and densities.
  7. High Penetration Force (HP): Offers high penetration capability, enabling thorough scanning of dense objects for concealed threats.
  8. Variable Edge Clarification (+E / -E): Allows operators to adjust the edge clarity of scanned images, enhancing visibility and accuracy.
  9. Variable Color Separation (+C / -C): Enables operators to modify color separation settings to emphasize specific materials or objects in scanned images.
  10. Variable Contrast Level (+G / -G): Provides control over image contrast, aiding in the identification of objects with varying densities.
  11. Variable Density Zoom (+D / -D): Allows operators to zoom in and out on scanned images while maintaining clarity and resolution.
  12. Zoom Real Time (64x): Offers real-time zooming up to 64 times, facilitating detailed analysis of scanned items.
  13. Image of Previous Baggage (More Than 100): Stores and displays images of previously scanned baggage for reference and comparison.
  14. Manual Image Archiving: Enables operators to manually save and archive scanned images for future reference.
  15. Automatic Image Archiving (Min. 100,000): Automatically archives a large number of scanned images for historical data and analysis.
  16. Programmable Function Keys: Allows operators to customize and assign specific functions to dedicated keys for streamlined operation.
  17. Baggage Counter: Displays the number of baggage items that have been scanned, aiding in tracking and management.
  18. Date/Time Indicator: Shows the date and time of each scanning operation for accurate record-keeping.
  19. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS): Ensures continuous operation of the machine even during power fluctuations or outages.
  20. Flat Panel LED Monitor: Features a high-resolution LED monitor for displaying clear and detailed scanned images.
  21. Threat Image Projection (TIP): Projects simulated threat images during training scenarios to enhance operator proficiency.
  22. Organic Danger Alarm: Alerts operators to the presence of organic materials that could be potential threats.
  23. Inorganic Danger Alarm: Alerts operators to the presence of inorganic materials that could indicate prohibited items.
  24. Operator Training Program (OTP): Provides training modules to educate operators on the machine’s functionalities and threat detection techniques.
  25. 6 Color Imaging: Displays scanned images in six distinct colours, improving material differentiation and overall image clarity.
  26. Suspicious Bag Alarm: Identifies and alerts operators to bags containing items that exhibit suspicious characteristics.

From advanced imaging techniques to customizable settings, these features collectively contribute to its effectiveness in identifying concealed threats and prohibited items, making it an essential tool for ensuring public safety and security.

Advantages of Multi Energy Single View Baggage Scanning Machine

Here are some of the advantages of the Multi Energy Single View Baggage Scanning Machine:

  1. Enhanced Threat Detection: The multi-energy single-view capability enables accurate differentiation of materials, enhancing the machine’s ability to detect concealed threats and prohibited items.
  2. Comprehensive Imaging: With single-view imaging and multi-energy technology, the machine provides a detailed and comprehensive view of scanned items, minimizing the risk of overlooking potential threats.
  3. Versatile Material Identification: The machine’s ability to separate organic and inorganic materials aids in accurately identifying various types of items, contributing to effective security screening.
  4. Customizable Imaging: Variable settings such as contrast level, color separation, and edge clarification allow operators to customize image enhancements for optimal threat identification.
  5. Efficient Throughput: The machine’s real-time imaging and rapid conveyor speed ensure efficient screening processes, reducing wait times and congestion.
  6. Reduced False Alarms: Advanced algorithms minimize false alarms by distinguishing harmless objects from potential threats, improving overall operational efficiency.
  7. Quality Imaging: The machine’s high-resolution images, including the 6-color imaging, enhance the clarity and visibility of scanned items, aiding in accurate analysis.
  8. Safety and Compliance: The machine meets applicable international health and safety regulations, including the US FDA Federal Standard 21 CFR 1020.40 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
  9. Radiation Safety: The maximum level of radiation that the exterior panels come in contact with is 0.1mR/hour, ensuring operator safety during operation.
  10. Film Safety: The machine’s ISO 1600 / 33 DINCE compliance ensures film safety during the scanning process.
  11. Certified Compatibility: The machine is certified to be compliant with FCC and IEC standards, ensuring compatibility and adherence to international norms.

The Multi Energy Single View Baggage Scanning Machine offers a range of advantages, from enhanced threat detection and imaging capabilities to safety compliance and operator training.

Applications of Multi Energy Single View Baggage Scanning Machine

Leveraging advanced imaging technology, Multi Energy Single View Baggage Scanning Machine contributes significantly to enhancing threat detection capabilities in various high-risk environments. Here are the key applications of the Baggage Scanning Machine:

  • Aviation Security: Airports utilize the machine to screen baggage and cargo for concealed threats, explosives, weapons, and prohibited items, ensuring safe air travel.
  • Transportation Hubs: Train stations, bus terminals, and ports deploy the machine to enhance security by scanning luggage, packages, and belongings for potential threats.
  • Government Buildings: Government facilities use the machine to screen visitors’ belongings, preventing unauthorized entry and ensuring the safety of employees and visitors.
  • Event Security: The machine plays a vital role in securing large gatherings, such as concerts, sports events, and conferences, by scanning equipment, baggage, and supplies for potential threats.
  • Embassies and Consulates: Diplomatic missions utilize the machine to ensure the safety of their premises and staff by thoroughly screening incoming parcels and visitors.
  • Customs and Border Control: Border crossings, customs checkpoints, and immigration facilities use the machine to detect contraband, unauthorized goods, and potential security threats.
  • Courthouses: Courthouses employ the machine to enhance security during legal proceedings by scanning visitors’ bags and belongings for prohibited items.
  • High-Security Prisons: The machine aids in maintaining security within correctional facilities by preventing the introduction of contraband items and detecting potential threats.
  • Hospital and Healthcare Facilities: Healthcare institutions use the machine to screen incoming packages, ensuring the safety of patients, staff, and visitors from potential hazardous materials.
  • Commercial Buildings: The machine assists in securing corporate offices and commercial spaces by scanning bags, equipment, and deliveries for concealed threats.

By providing advanced threat detection capabilities and enhancing overall security protocols, the machine contributes to creating safer environments and upholding public safety standards.

Technical specifications of Multi Energy Single View Baggage Scanning Machine

Best Price
Company Kapri Corp
Brand Kapri Corp
Category Scanning & Screening Solutions
Product name Multi Energy Single View Baggage Scanning Machine
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1430mm x 860mm x 1310mm
Approx. Weight Unpacked 500 Kg (1102 lbs.)
Shipping Dimensions 1630mm x 1060mm x 1550mm
Approx. Weight Packed 600 Kg (1323 lbs.)
Tunnel Dimensions 610mm (W) x 422mm (H)
Conveyor Speed 0.20 m/sec
Conveyor Load Capacity 165 Kg (364 lbs.) evenly distributed
Conveyor Height 790 mm
System Power 230 VAC +/- 10% / 60/50Hz
Generator and Image Performance Steel Penetration 38 mm guaranteed; 40 mm typical
Wire Resolution 38 AWG guaranteed; 40 AWG typical
Article Separation Low Z, Medium Z, High Z to 0.5 Z accuracy
Generator Cool Oil and forced air cooling
Anode Voltage 160 kv rated, operating at 147kv
Tube Current 0.7 mA
Direction Of X-ray Vertical and upwards
Min order Quantity 1 PC

Computer Specifications

Processor Intel Core2 Duo
Monitor 20″ LED color, flicker free
Memory 2GB RAM minimum
Video Card 1 GB minimum
Hard Drive 500 GB minimum
USB Port 6 port minimum
Operating System Linux
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Relative Humidity 5-95% condensation

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