Full Body Scanner

In today’s fast-paced world, security has become a paramount concern in various sectors, including transportation, healthcare, and public facilities. One of the innovative technologies that have revolutionized security measures is the Full Body Scanner. These devices have proven to be invaluable tools for detecting concealed objects, ensuring public safety, and maintaining the integrity of security protocols. Kapri Corp, a pioneering company, has emerged as a prominent player in the market for the supply and installation of Full Body Scanner, contributing significantly to enhanced security across diverse domains.

Full body scanner machine, often referred to as a Whole Body Imaging system, is a cutting-edge technology designed to provide a non-intrusive method of detecting objects hidden on a person’s body or within their clothing. This advanced imaging technology uses various techniques such as millimetre wave technology or backscatter X-rays to generate detailed images of an individual’s body. Unlike traditional pat-down searches, Full Body Scanners provide a comprehensive view without compromising an individual’s privacy, as the generated images are typically displayed to security personnel in a separate location and are not stored after the screening process.

Full Body Scanners have emerged as indispensable tools to ensure public safety while respecting individual privacy. Kapri Corp’s leading role as an importer, supplier, service provider, and installer of these advanced scanners underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge security solutions. Through our dedication to innovation and excellence, Kapri Corp continues to contribute significantly to the enhancement of security measures across various sectors, solidifying their position as a trusted leader in the industry.

Specifications of Full Body Scanner

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Features of Full Body Scanner

Full Body Scanners are sophisticated security devices that employ advanced technologies to detect concealed objects on an individual’s body or within their clothing. Here are some of the key technical features commonly found in Full Body Scanners:

  • Millimeter Wave Technology: Full Body Scanners utilize millimeter wave technology, emitting low-energy radio waves to create a detailed 3D image of the individual’s body. This technology is safe for human exposure and provides high-resolution images.
  • Dual-Energy Detection: Dual-energy detection involves the use of multiple X-ray energies to differentiate between various materials. This helps in identifying objects based on their atomic composition, enhancing detection capabilities and reducing false alarms.
  • Privacy Filters: Advanced image processing algorithms are applied to the generated images to blur out sensitive areas while still highlighting potential threats. This maintains the privacy of the individual being screened.
  • Automated Threat Detection: Scanners are equipped with intelligent algorithms that automatically analyse the images for potential threats. These algorithms can detect objects that might be concealed under clothing or in body cavities.
  • Modular Design: Full Body Scanners feature a modular design that allows for easy maintenance and upgrades. This ensures that the scanners can adapt to evolving security requirements and technological advancements.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Scanners come with intuitive touch-screen interfaces that guide operators through the screening process. These interfaces provide real-time feedback and alerts in case of potential threats.
  • Rapid Scanning: Full Body Scanners are designed to provide quick and efficient screening without causing significant delays in high-traffic environments such as airports or event venues.
  • Data Security: Body Scanners are designed with data security in mind. Images are typically not stored, and measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access to the scanning system.
  • Health and Safety Measures: Full Body Scanners adhere to strict health and safety guidelines, ensuring that the emitted radiation is within safe limits for human exposure.
  • Compliance Standards: Full Body Scanners adhere to international safety and performance standards, such as those set by organizations like the International Electro technical Commission (IEC) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Advantages of Full Body Scanner

Full Body Scanners have revolutionized the field of security by offering a range of advantages that enhance screening procedures and contribute to public safety. Here are some key advantages of Full Body Scanners:

  • Enhanced Security: Full Body Scanners significantly enhance security measures by detecting hidden items such as weapons, explosives, drugs, and other prohibited objects that may go unnoticed during visual inspections. This helps prevent potential threats and illegal activities.
  • Efficiency and Speed: Full Body Scanners offer rapid and efficient screening processes. They can quickly scan individuals and generate images in a matter of seconds, reducing wait times and congestion in crowded environments like airports and public events.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Body Scanners provide a comprehensive view of an individual’s body, ensuring that hidden items cannot escape detection. This minimizes the risk of overlooking concealed objects.
  • Non-Intrusive Screening: Unlike traditional pat-down searches, Full Body Scanners provide a non-intrusive method of screening. Individuals simply stand inside the scanner, eliminating the need for physical contact and maintaining personal dignity.
  • Detection of Contraband: Scanners are capable of detecting a wide range of contraband materials, including metallic and non-metallic items, liquids, and powders. This versatility ensures that potential threats are identified regardless of their composition.
  • Privacy Considerations: Advanced image processing techniques are used to create images that protect the privacy of the individual being scanned. These images are typically displayed in a separate location and do not store personal information, addressing concerns about invasion of privacy.
  • Reduced False Alarms: Full Body Scanners are equipped with advanced algorithms that minimize false alarms by distinguishing between harmless items, such as clothing folds or body contours, and potential threats.
  • Health and Safety: The emitted radiation in Full Body Scanners is kept at safe levels and adheres to international health and safety standards. This ensures that individuals undergoing screening are not exposed to harmful doses of radiation.
  • Streamlined Operations: By automating the screening process, Full Body Scanners reduce the need for extensive manual searches, allowing security personnel to focus on higher-priority tasks and ensuring consistent screening outcomes.
  • Consistent Performance: Full Body Scanners provide reliable and consistent performance, minimizing the influence of human factors and subjectivity that can occur in manual searches.
  • Deterrent Effect: The presence of Full Body Scanners acts as a deterrent to potential wrongdoers, as the risk of detection discourages individuals from attempting to smuggle prohibited items.

From enhanced threat detection and privacy considerations to streamlined operations and reduced wait times, these advanced devices contribute significantly to public safety while maintaining individual dignity and rights.

Applications of Full Body Scanner

Full Body Scanners have found diverse applications across various sectors where security, safety, and efficient screening are of paramount importance. Here are some key applications of body scanner machine for security:

  • Aviation Security: Full Body Scanners are extensively used in airports to screen passengers and their belongings for concealed weapons, explosives, and other prohibited items. They enhance the effectiveness of airport security measures by providing comprehensive screening while maintaining the flow of travellers.
  • Transportation Hubs: Beyond airports, Full Body Scanners are used in other transportation hubs like train stations and bus terminals to screen passengers and luggage for concealed items, contributing to safe and secure travel.
  • Correctional Facilities: In prisons and correctional facilities, Full Body Scanners help prevent contraband from entering or leaving the premises. They are essential for ensuring the safety of both inmates and staff by detecting hidden objects that could pose a threat.
  • Event Security: Full Body Scanners play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of large gatherings, such as concerts, sports events, and public rallies. They help detect potential threats and minimize the risk of security breaches.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Full Body Scanners are utilized in healthcare settings to enhance security protocols and prevent the introduction of unauthorized items or substances into medical facilities.
  • Border Crossings and Customs: Border control and customs agencies use Full Body Scanners to ensure that individuals crossing international borders comply with regulations and do not attempt to smuggle contraband.
  • High-Security Institutions: Full body scanners in jails, prisons, military bases, and government facilities prevent unauthorized access and maintain a high level of security within their premises.
  • Public Buildings: Full Body Scanners are used in government buildings, museums, and other public spaces to screen visitors for potential threats and enhance overall security.
  • Courthouses: In courthouses, Full Body Scanners contribute to maintaining order and security by preventing the entry of prohibited items that could disrupt legal proceedings.
  • Customs and Trade Compliance: In international trade, Full Body Scanners can be used to inspect cargo containers and shipments for contraband and hidden goods, ensuring compliance with trade regulations.

The applications of Full Body Scanners span a wide range of sectors and environments, all of which share the common goal of enhancing security, safety, and efficiency.

Technical specifications of Full Body Scanner

Best Price
Company Kapri Corp
Brand Kapri Corp
Category Scanning & Screening Solutions
Product name Full Body Scanner
Alarm Mode Sound, Led Lights, Vibration
Brand Kapri Corp
Power Source AC85V~264V/50-60HZ
Grade Automatic
Detecting zone 15 Detecting zone
Sound Alarm 1-25s
Min order Quantity 1 PC

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