Explosive Vapor Detector

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Explosive Vapor Detector - Explosive Detection Equipment

Explosive Vapor Detector

The Explosive Vapour Detector (named M-ION) in made after taking inputs from technical experts in vapour detection domain regarding design, functional aspects and product development. With an internal GPS, Optional Radiation Detector and 1GB/s LAN connection, information gathering on detection, location and type of explosive (including dirty bombs) has never been easier.

It has well-developed and tested software functionality for quick vapour detection enabling the user to program newly discovered explosives detection on the fly just simply by taking a “sniff” of the suspected sample. Software library is updated regularly from general explosives to new substances making it easy for Bomb Detection Teams.

Features of Explosive Vapour Detector (EVD):

  • Rugged design and trademarked “non-radioactive” ionization of the sample vapour.
  • Easy user interface of M-ION making it one of the safest and handy machines to use in its class. 
  • 4.5” Touchscreen Easy user interface for the operator to control the device with ease.
  • Comprehensive and detailed Information for smooth detection of vapours.
  • Faster testing and Detection in less than 10 seconds as no initial warming is necessary. 
  • No consumables components in EVD making it one of in its class.
  • 100 % local support for service and maintenance in 24 hours.

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Advantages of the Explosive Vapor Detector

  • Quick Vapour Detection
  • Instant performing and High System Efficiency  
  • Fail-Safe Design and Overall Ease
  • Cost Effectiveness with instant results.

These above mentioned properties, features, and advantages makes Kapri Corp’s Explosive Vapour Detector (EVD) the ultimate product choice for vapour detection in Security and Surveillance Systems. For additional information about this product or any other our range of products.

Applications of Explosive Vapor Detector

Explosive Vapour Detector (EVD) is used detection of vapours of explosive substances and many more types of other substances.

Technical specifications of Explosive Vapor Detector

Best Price:
Company: Kapri Corp
Brand: Kapri Corp
Product name: Explosive Vapour Detector ( M-ION)
Category: Detectors
Display Size: 4.5” Touchscreen
Detection Time: Less than 10 seconds
Connection: 1GB/s LAN connection
Functionality: Internal GPS enabled
Communication protocol:    Bluetooth, Wifi / Cable
Min order Quantity: 1 PC

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