CT Baggage Scanners

CT Baggage Scanner, powered by Computed Tomography (CT) technology, represents a pioneering solution for enhancing security in various environments, most particularly at airports and metro stations. This advanced technology uses X-rays to generate detailed 3D images of baggage and personal items, enabling security personnel to gain comprehensive insights into their contents. Airport baggage scanner machine play a crucial role in detecting threats, contraband, and prohibited items within luggage, ensuring the safety of travellers and the integrity of transportation systems.

Kapri Corp stands as a leader in the market of security technology, renowned for its role as a leading importer, supplier, service provider, and installer of CT Baggage Scanners. Functioning as an importer and supplier, Kapri Corp ensures the accessibility of advanced CT Baggage Scanner systems to various industries and sectors. These scanners incorporate advanced CT technology to deliver unparalleled imaging quality, enabling security personnel to identify potential threats with remarkable accuracy.

However, Kapri Corp’s role extends beyond the supply of equipment. As a service provider, the company offers comprehensive services encompassing installation, commissioning, training, and ongoing technical support. Our team of experts ensures seamless integration of CT Baggage Scanners into existing security protocols, facilitating efficient and effective screening processes.

By offering cutting-edge technology and comprehensive support, Kapri Corp plays a pivotal role in enhancing airport security, border control measures, and safeguarding against potential threats. Through the dedication to excellence, Kapri Corp remains a trusted partner for organizations seeking to fortify their security infrastructure with state-of-the-art CT Baggage Scanner solutions.

Specifications of CT Baggage Scanners

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Features of CT Baggage Scanner

The CT Baggage Scanner stands out with a remarkable array of features that redefine security screening processes:

  • Multi Energy Imaging (4-6 Colors): Offers advanced imaging with multi-energy capabilities, presenting baggage contents in 4-6 distinct colours for improved material differentiation.
  • Atomic Z Number Measurement: Accurately identifies materials by measuring their atomic number, enhancing threat detection capabilities.
  • Perfect View (PV) Function: Provides an optimized, clear image of baggage contents, aiding operators in identifying potential threats efficiently.
  • Edge Enhancement (EE) Function: Highlights object edges, ensuring crucial details are not overlooked during the screening process.
  • Black / White (B/W) Function: Presents images in high contrast black and white, enhancing visibility of potential threats.
  • Organic/Inorganic Separation (OM/IM): Discriminates between organic and inorganic materials, enhancing the precision of threat detection.
  • Inverse View: Offers an inverted image for a different perspective, aiding operators in comprehensive analysis.
  • High Penetration: Penetrates dense materials, revealing concealed items with exceptional clarity.
  • Variable Edge Clarification: Adjusts edge sharpness for enhanced image clarity.
  • Variable Colour Separation: Allows operators to adjust color separation settings based on screening needs.
  • Variable Density Zoom (+D /-D): Provides adjustable density zooming for detailed examination.
  • Real Time Image Processing and Zoom (64x): Enables real-time image processing and zooming at up to 64x magnification.
  • Image of Previous Baggage: Displays the image of the previous baggage for quick operator reference.
  • Manual Image Archiving: Enables manual archiving of images for record-keeping and analysis.
  • Automatic Image Archiving: Automatically archives images for auditing and investigation purposes.
  • First in First Out Archiving (FIFO): Archives images based on a first-in-first-out sequence, aiding in efficient management.
  • Programmable Function Keys: Allows customization of function keys for streamlined operator interaction.
  • Baggage Counter: Tracks the number of screened baggage items for accountability.
  • Date/Time Indicator: Displays date and time information on the scanned images.
  • UPS (for computer): Uninterrupted Power Supply for continuous operation.
  • Flat Panel LCD Monitor: High-resolution LCD monitor for clear image viewing.
  • Threat Image Projection (TIP): Projects threat images for operator training and assessment.
  • Organic Danger Alarm: Alerts operators to potential organic threats.
  • Inorganic Danger Alarm: Alerts operators to potential inorganic threats.
  • Operator Training Program (OTP): Offers a training program for operators to ensure proficient scanner operation.
  • Suspicious Bag Alarm: Flags suspicious baggage items for immediate attention.
  • Operator Console: Equipped with an operator console for intuitive control.

Advantages of CT Baggage Scanner

The CT Baggage Scanner offers a multitude of advantages that revolutionize security screening processes:

  • Enhanced Threat Detection: With its multi-energy imaging and atomic Z number measurement, the CT Baggage Scanner significantly enhances threat detection capabilities, ensuring potential risks are identified accurately.
  • Optimized Image Clarity: Features like Perfect View (PV) function, edge enhancement (EE), and variable edge clarification ensure that operators receive clear and detailed images of baggage contents, minimizing the chances of overlooking potential threats.
  • High Penetration and Resolution: The CT technology’s high penetration and variable density zoom allow for thorough inspection of dense items, ensuring concealed threats are revealed with exceptional clarity and precision.
  • Efficient Operation: Real-time image processing, automatic image archiving, and intuitive operator console streamline the scanning process, enabling operators to work efficiently and effectively.
  • Advanced Alarming: The scanner’s organic and inorganic danger alarms, along with the suspicious bag alarm, promptly alert operators to potential threats, enhancing response times and security protocols.
  • Versatile Functionality: The CT Baggage Scanner’s diverse features, including black/white (B/W) function, inverse view, and variable color separation, cater to different screening needs, making it adaptable to various security environments.
  • Uninterrupted Operation: Equipped with an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for computers, the scanner ensures continuous operation even during power disruptions.
  • Detailed Image Archives: Manual and automatic image archiving, along with first-in-first-out (FIFO) archiving, provide a comprehensive record of scanned images for auditing and investigations.

The CT Baggage Scanner’s advantages encompass advanced threat detection, material differentiation, operational efficiency, training enhancement, and adaptability.

Applications of CT Baggage Scanner

The applications of CT Baggage Scanners span across various sectors, redefining security screening and enhancing safety in diverse environments. Here are some key applications:

  • Airport Security: CT Baggage Scanners play a pivotal role in enhancing airport security by accurately detecting threats and prohibited items within checked and carry-on luggage, ensuring the safety of air travel.
  • Transportation Hubs: Train stations, bus terminals, and other transportation hubs benefit from CT Baggage Scanners, which efficiently screen baggage and belongings, preventing unauthorized items from entering public transportation systems.
  • Government Buildings: CT Baggage Scanners enhance security in government facilities by ensuring that personnel and visitors do not carry prohibited items or threats into sensitive areas.
  • Logistics and Warehousing: In logistics centers and warehouses, CT Baggage Scanners verify the contents of packages and shipments, ensuring compliance with regulations and preventing unauthorized items from entering the supply chain.
  • Event Venues: During major events, concerts, and gatherings, CT Baggage Scanners help secure venues by screening bags and packages, preventing the introduction of prohibited items and enhancing public safety.
  • Public Spaces: Shopping malls, museums, and entertainment venues utilize CT Baggage Scanners to maintain a safe environment for visitors by detecting concealed threats and unauthorized items.
  • Embassies and Consulates: Diplomatic missions employ CT Baggage Scanners to bolster security and prevent unauthorized items from entering diplomatic premises, ensuring the safety of personnel and visitors.
  • Border Crossings: At border checkpoints, CT Baggage Scanners facilitate thorough inspections of vehicles and belongings, preventing smuggling and enhancing border security.
  • Customs Facilities: CT Baggage Scanners aid customs authorities in detecting contraband, undeclared items, and prohibited goods, enhancing customs enforcement efforts.
  • Industrial Facilities: CT Baggage Scanners are employed in industrial facilities to screen tools, equipment, and personal belongings, preventing potential threats from entering workspaces.

Technical specifications of CT Baggage Scanner

Best Price
Company Kapri Corp
Brand Kapri Corp
Category Scanning & Screening Solutions
Product name CT Baggage Scanner
Energy Imaging 4-6 Colours
Image Archiving 100,000 min
Monitor type LCD
Zoom Real Time 64 X
Conveyor Speed 0.20 m/sec
Net Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 1,430mm x 860mm x 1310mm
Min order Quantity 1 PC

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