Multi Store Retail Security Solution

Multi Store Retail Outlets with multiple branches or franchises require additional security measures and surveillance. Numerous services like convenience store franchises, fast-food chains, even coffee houses have a set operational method, which can be valuable insight to someone planning to commit a crime on your premise compound. Apart from that, the add-on surveillance gives you precious insight to your business as well as data on customer and employee behaviour, allowing you to augment these key areas to further enhance sales and revenue.

Multi Store Retail Security Solution

Challenges in Multi Store Retail Security Solution

  • Preventing shoplifting has been one of the primary concerns.
  • Shrink and theft at the point of sale.
  • Theft after hours and Theft from the back door during business hours.

Solutions Multi Store Retail Security Solution

  • People Counting System
  • Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Integrated Video Surveillance
  • 180ᵒ Panoramic Cameras
  • Retail Video Analytics
  • Emergency Fire Exit Door Release System

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