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Bomb Suppression Blanket

Both the bomb suppression blanket and safety circle are designed to meet specific threats using either STANAG 2920 or MIL-STD 662F fragmentation protocols, protection level of 100gm RDX to 2kg TNT blast suppression with V50 from 450 to 670m/s

Specification: The standard bomb suppression blanket has four heavy duty webbing carry straps to aid rapid deployment. The construction is multiple layers of treated aramid ballistic fabric sewn into a fire retardant and water repellent outer cover. It is clearly labelled, black on fluorescent orange, "BOMB BLANKET". The lightweight and semi rigid safety circle has been designed to support the bomb suppression blanket. It is easily adjustable by a Hook and Loop fastening. It is made from the same material construction as the blanket, is clearly labelled, black on fluorescent orange, "SAFETY CIRCLE". The bottom edge of the safety circle has been reinforced to prevent wear and tear when it is in contact with the ground. Different sizes and protection levels can be manufactured to meet specific requirements. Colours: The standard nylon outer cover and webbing handles are black but other colours are available to meet customers colour and marking requirements.

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