Air Cargo Security Solutions

The Air Cargo Industry is a crucial industry comprising a complex distribution network linking shippers to freight forwarders, off-airport freight consolidators, and airport sorting and cargo handling facilities where shipments are loaded on and unloaded from an aircraft. Various examples of air cargo include high-value machine parts and electronic components for manufactured goods, manufacturing equipment, consumer electronics, jewellery, and perishable items such as flowers, fruits, fresh fish, and pharmaceuticals.

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Challenges in Air Cargo Security Solutions

Challenges in Air cargo security includes measures to protect cargo from theft, but they also secure cargo against incoming materials such as bombs or drugs. Security is a very critical element of the air cargo supply chain. Regulators, organizations, and the industry overall are working together to further secure the air cargo supply chain while ensuring the flow of commerce. The Screening methods may comprise explosives detection systems, x-ray systems, explosives trace detection, and physical searches conducted in conjunction with manifest verifications. Ensuring a first-class air cargo security system is a constant challenge which involves managing ongoing operations and a fixed infrastructure.

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