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At Kapri Corp, We develop technological products and integrated detection solutions based on our industry-leading sensor technologies. Our Detection and Surveillance products and integrated detection solutions make more efficient and the world safer. Kapri Corp was founded to export products made by well-known manufacturers of equipment for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures.

As security, detection and surveillance challenges have advanced, so have our solutions. At Kapri Corp, our belief is to constantly stay ahead and keep pace with the latest technology to meet emergent security needs. With the pioneering vision still being the driving force, Kapri Corp is at the forefront of every latest technological breakthrough in the country.

From mobile and portal detection monitors to mobile detection devices, we have a surveillance and detection solution for any kind of scenario. We are relentlessly implementing advanced detection and survelliance technology to protect against the threat of radiation and radioactive material with real-time detection and immediate results.

Count on on us for:
  • Innovation—Latest detection technologies and solutions to help ensure you keep pace with a changing industry
  • Quality—designed and manufactured for a lifetime of use in the harshest of environments
  • Breadth—Wide-Range of detection and disposal product suite for a wide range of radiation detection needs
  • Experience—serving the industry for over 55 years
  • Service-dedicated services and after sales support.
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Key Products

Delivering dependable safety and security solutions for decades, we offer the most comprehensive portfolio of products for any High-Tech Security, Detection and Surveillance Solutions industry. Kapri Corp offers a wide range of High-Tech Security, Detection and Surveillance Solutions products:
Bomb Detection and Disposal Solutions
  • Detection Equipment
    • Portable X Ray Scanner (Real Time Viewing System)
    • Hand Held Backscatter Scanner
    • Non Linear Junction Detector
    • Multi Frequency Mine Detector (GPR)
    • Explosive Vapour Detector
    • Explosive Trace Detector
    • Explosive Liquid Detector (Raman Spectrometry)
    • Contraband Detector
    • Electronic Stethoscope
    • High Penetration Ground Penetrating Radar
    • Mine Detector
    • Cable & Wire Locator
  • Disposal Equipment
    • Hook and Line Set
    • Water Jet Disruptor
  • Protection Gear
    • Bomb Suit
    • Bulletproof Jacket
    • Bulletproof Helmet
    • Bomb Suppression Blanket
    • Bomb Basket ( Blast Mitigating Bin)
Scanning & Screening Solutions
  • Walk Through Metal Detector
  • X Ray Baggage Inspection System
  • Cargo Scanner
  • Full Body Scanner
  • Vehicle Scanner
Surveillance Devices
  • Through Wall Surveillance System
  • Throwable Tactical Robot
  • Thermal Imager
  • Night Vision Binocular
  • Surveillance Radar
  • Counter Surveillance
Anti UAV/ Drone System
Rental & Leasing Of Security Equipment
  • X Ray Baggage Scanner
Our products are constructed on state-of-the-art digital technologies, nonstandard engineering solutions, and a certain selection of modules. Kapri Corp is able to provide portable counter surveillance equipment specially developed to counter stand a certain type of threat, giving the maximum levels of detection and protection from any unlawful surveillance. Distinguishing features of the products are: portability, simplicity in application, small size, superior performance and full functional utility.

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